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Sales Agenda 2016 skarmavbild


Sales Agenda 2016 (English)

The Nordic B2B market continues to be characterized by an overabundance of competitors. Local as well as global, old hands and new arrivals, all trying to leverage innovative business models and technologies to vie for the attention of a customer base that has been spoilt for choice in terms of availability of products and services.

In this context, the 2016 edition of our Sales Agenda report makes for compelling reading for industry insiders and stakeholders alike. Based on a web-based survey among members of ProSales Sales Excellence Platform, the report seeks to identify the sales and marketing challenges facing the Nordic B2B market in 2016. It also highlights the investment strategies being adopted by leaders in the sector to support and secure sales excellence.

Download Sales Agenda 2016 (in English) below and get on top of the sales and marketing challenges facing the Nordic B2B market in 2016. You can also watch an interview (in Swedish) on the same theme via the following link.

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