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Sales Agenda 2017 – B2B Sales and Marketing Challenges and Investments

Download Sales Agenda 2017 (18 pages) below and get on top of the sales and marketing challenges facing B2B managers and what investments they plan to make. 

ProSales Institute is yearly surveying the opinions and behaviors of leaders in B2B sales and marketing. The aim of the report Sales Agenda 2017 is to shed light on B2B sales and marketing challenges and investments, i.e. what challenges managers perceive and which services and products they are investing in to develop their commercial excellence.

The 18-page report based on answers from 394 Swedish commercial executives contains:

  • The biggest challenges percevied by sales and marketing organizations this year
  • Distribution of development budget over different areas (e.g. training, IT-services, coaching etc.)
  • Average size of development budget for small, medium and large size firms
  • Share of respondents investing in different IT/sales enablement investments (CRM, social selling, marketing automation, sales intelligence, sales analytics, online engagement, mobile presentation etc.).

Please contact us at info@prosales.com if you have any questions surrounding this report or the content in it. The report is personal and for your eyes only as a Toolbox subscriber, every file is trackable if we find it in the wrong hand.

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