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Are You Investing Enough in Your Sales Manager?

A competent sales manager is one of the most important components in your organization when it comes to the creation of growth. The sales organization is a direct reflection of the sales manager’s competetence and ability to coach and develop their team. Despite this, sales managers get none or little support for their own professional development.  […]

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Tre Säljtrender inför 2017

Lata. Otåliga. Självupptagna. Men också smarta, optimistiska och entreprenöriella. Så har dom beskrivits. Generation Y. Även kallade Millennials. Födda mellan år 1984 och 2000. Arbetsgivare som vill anställa och företag som vill sälja till denna generation måste börja tänka i nya banor.

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Sales Agenda 2016 – The customer is still in control

The Nordic B2B market continues to be characterized by an overabundance of competitors. Local as well as global, old hands and new arrivals, all trying to leverage innovative business models and technologies to vie for the attention of a customer base that has been spoilt for choice in terms of availability of products and services. […]

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Where’s the map for your B2B Customer Journey?

Creating value for your customers has always been dependent on knowing your customers’ needs and challenges, and responding with the right offering and customer service in every touchpoint with the customer. Today, when service and product offerings from different suppliers are increasingly similar, maximizing the total customer experience is increasingly important for your ability to differentiate […]

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7 Sales Trends To Follow During 2016

Are you looking forward to what 2016 has to offer? Like most sales leaders, I’m sure you are eager to dive once again into managing your B2B sales team. Whether you plan to redesign your sales compensation plan, increase the headcount of your sales team or implement a new sales process, one thing is certain: […]

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What Is Net Promoter Score And How Does It Work In Sales: 5 Tips To Get Started

peers/colleagues influence purchase decisions  A few weeks ago, I read the results from the latest survey on buyer behavior. What caught my attention was the role that peers/colleagues play during the research phase. According to the research, peers/colleagues (20%) are the second most popular source buyers turn to when they begin the buying journey, together with […]

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How to successfully segment and target your customers in 3 steps

Success in B2B sales has little to do with individual behavior and professional selling skills. It depends on sales leaders’ ability to set the right direction and to empower the organization with the right tools. One tool is a customer segmentation and targeting model. Here is how to successfully segment and target your customers in […]

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Recommendations to an effective social selling strategy

New B2B buying behavior is driving sales organizations to consider expanding their digital presence beyond the traditional company website. As a result, social media channels have emerged as forums where salespeople engage in conversations with potential customers. According to a study by Forbes Insight, decision makers and C-level executives visit social networks and online communities […]

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Back view of businessman and woman standing on ladder and drawing sketch on wall

Organize Your B2B Sales Force For Profitable Growth

“The skillful employer of men will employ the wise man, the brave man, the covetous man, and the stupid man” – Sun Tzu, fifth century B.C. This quote from an ancient Chinese philosopher can be equated with the axiom “the right person in the right place”, which is extremely relevant to organizing sales in an […]

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The most effective recruitment methods to predict sales performance

In this article, we share the most common sales recruiting pitfalls and tips to help you avoid them. Hint: consider adopting predictive and evidence-based methods. Great sales people are hard to find Find and select the right person for the right sales job. It sounds obvious, but it is easier said than done. In today’s […]

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