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Organizing B2B sales is about using your customer segmentation to divide sales work into different roles, responsibilities and goals, and to ensure coordination between different roles and functions in the company.

divide work according to your customer segmentation

Different types of customers require different approaches, which is why we segment customers. It is therefore important that you base roles and responsibilities in your sales organization on your customer segmentation. If you segment your customers based on sales logics, you should divide sales work according to different logics: complex, traditional or distributed.

secure integration with the marketing function

B2B customers’ purchasing behavior is increasingly independent and digital. They will google and compare suppliers without you noticing. This makes it even more important to be present early in the customer’s buying process. But this creates a need for new sales roles and makes sales dependent on the marketing organization to gain access to the customer.

secure integration with other functions in the company

B2B sales creates a large need for coordination and cooperation with other functions as well, especially in complex or distributed sales logics.